Protests and Activities

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Vegan Flash Mobs

Like dancing to funky tunes with a bunch of animals? Vegan Flash Mobs are for you. The gang regularly entertains city crowds and gives out information about cruelty free living. Who could you resist taking a leaflet from Daisy, the gorgeous dancing cow?  It’s the most ‘kid-friendly’ outreach activity we know of.


Anti-Fur protests

Unfortunately more and more shops are selling fur. The public seems to ignore the cruelty of skinning animals for their skin. It’s especially worrying that a lot of the fur comes from China, where there are no animal welfare laws.

The raccoon dog is commonly caged and killed for fur. Domestic dogs and cats are also skinned. Although the importation of dog and cat fur is banned in Australia, there are questions as to whether the quarantine service is checking imports closely enough.


Ban Live Exports protests and marches

We’re very active around the Ban Live Exports campaign.  We’ve done protests, marches through the city and made a humane chain across the Birkenhead Bridge in Port Adelaide.