Rodeos in Australia

Rodeos are condemned by all animal advocate organizations world wide. They are banned in Canberra, Australia, the UK, and parts of Europe and America. Australia is again lagging behind in animal welfare. Rodeos are self regulating, which means the public is not informed of deaths or injuries.

Promoted as “Family Fun,” rodeos are a blatant example of archaic animal abuse, which has no place in a civilized society. Mustering in Australia has nothing to do with rodeos, which are an American phenomenon. It is not a case of the courage of the riders, rather a display of domination and animal abuse.

Approximately 600 rodeos are held in Australia each year. causing abuse to 4,000 bulls and horses and countless carves and steers. Horses used in rodeos buck because of tight flank straps tied around their sensitive organs and flanks, forcing them to buck even when after they have dislodged the riders. Some American states banned the flank straps years ago. Most horses have bloody wounds caused by the flank straps. Back and leg injuries are common.

Cattle’s and horses’ skin is so sensitive they flinch when flies alight on them. Bulls also suffer the cruel flank straps and spurs, which cause muscle and skeletal injuries. Normally docile animals are made to look dangerous by cruel electric prodding that cattle are particularly sensitive to. Animals only buck when something cruel is done to them.

Calf roping is banned in SA and Vic, and of course the ACT. Calves should be spared the cruel, terrifying strangulation and being pulled for metres with ropes around their necks. Veterinary evidence shows enormous suffering, as they are not fully developed and have immature bones. Lassoing necks, and jolting them onto their backs and tying their feet together with rope causes great stress. Points are awarded for speed, to tie the animals

They suffer stretched ligaments, internal haemorrhages of the trachea and thymus, disc ruptures and tissue damage. There are National and State guidelines for animal welfare in rodeos, but there are NO BINDING LAWS.

What we can do : Write to our local MPs or newspaper Editors ( Animal Liberation Inc.SA has an active writing group to become involved in.) Convince companies that support rodeos to withdraw their support. Do not support events such as rodeos, where animal exploitation occurs.

Become a member and supporter of Animal Liberation to help us fight all forms of animal abuse.